Evaluation & Examinations


As evaluation is an integral part of teaching-learning process, Lakhipur college evaluates the performance of students through unit test and sessional examination. For the smooth conduct of all internal examinations of the college an examination board is constituted with the Principal as its president and some other members appointed by the principal from time to time.

College Examinations (Internal)

  • Two unit test for H.S.(Arts) class and two sessional examinations for each semester of Degree class will he held in one session.
  • Attendance in the Unit Test and sessional examination is compulsory and these will he conducted by the respective Department as per schedule of the academic calendar of the college. Academic Calendar will be supplied to the students at the time of admission.
  • In addition to Unit Tests, there will be test examination for H.S. class in one academic session.
  • A student must secure minimum qualifying marks as fixed by the examination board to make him/her eligible for appearing in the final examination.
  • No medical certificate except in case of a student being admitted to the hospital will be considered as a genuine cause of absence from the examination.

Term Ending Examination

  • The college shall conduct Higher Secondary First year and Higher Secondary Final year examination as per direction of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.
  • The college shall conduct Three Year Degree Semester system as per direction of Gauhati University.

Extra and Co-curricular Facilities in the college

The necessity for all round personality development has intensified the need for extra and co-curricular activities for students. Lakhipur college provides some facilities and opportunities for promoting extra and co-curricular activities among the students. Separate foot-ball, Cricket play ground. Volley-hall court, badminton court basket ball etc. are in the college campus for regular practices of the students. Beside these, for leisure and recreation time, some facilities are being provided by the college for both boys and girls.